Producer Stories

May 10, 2017

1) Make it easy to play your song

When it comes to sending demos, you don’t want to make A&R download the files, as they’re less likely to download your music from a service like Dropbox or WeTransfer. Instead, use a link to the track in streamable form. Soundcloud is t...

May 3, 2017

1) Precision Multiband by Universal Audio

This is a specialised mastering tool, essentially a multi-band dynamics tool. It provides five spectral bands of dynamic range control. Compression, expand, or gate can be chosen separately for each of the five bands

 It’s great...

April 26, 2017

When you place the music at the centre of your creative desires, all you want

to do is produce. The studio is my home and working with people to produce music keeps me in the place I love to be.

Ghost production keeps it fresh and keeps me uplifted. I'm the one who assis...

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