Playlist Promotion

Playlist Promotion

Promoting your music is an overwhelming task. It takes a long time to boost your revenues. It also requires patience and determination to bring your goals to reality. But, you don’t have to worry with Labeldealer. We provide relevant and responsive services that will leverage your musical promotion by creating a promo pool for your release.With our Playlist promotion service we connect you with popular Spotify, Soundcloud and Youtube playlist curators and help you boost your fan base by getting more plays on your songs.

We have a reputable network of over  500 biggest Playlists like ...


 Data Transmission, Trap Nation Selected, EDM, Hed Kandi, Future House, Trap Music, House Nation, Electro Pose, Mix Nation, Future Bass, Tropical, Lithuania HQ,Mr Revillz, La Belle Music, Airwave Music, La Chic, Mr Suicide Sheep  and many more . 

Radio Campaign

If you are a passionate musician, you will be able to handle difficulties well. But, never underestimate the help from a reliable music promotion company. It can really make a huge difference. At Labeldealer, we will send your track to more than 500 radio shows, music blogs, and podcasts across the globe. Whatever your goals are, we are an excellent bridge towards your success. With our track record of success, incredible reputation, and suitable customer service, you will never have a cumbersome journey. We will market your songs in a manner that will not cause any hassle.

Terms and Conditions

  • Delivery

Work will be timetabled after receiving the advance payment. This is not refundable. Our delivery times are between two and six weeks, depending on the situation. If your other optionsare inefficient, hiring Labeldealer is your best choice. We will deliver what you need ahead of time to avoid headaches. This is why we are the number one music promotion company that music lovers trust and rely on. Become one of our valued clients today, and experience our commitment to outstanding service.

  • Payment Methods

Pay 50% of the total amount to start the songs – Before we promote one of your songs, you should pay 50% of the total amount. That way, we will start sending your music to one of our networks. When it comes to our payment methods, we have PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum,Verge or Bank Transfer. Whatever your choice is, you will have a stress-free experience. You will encounter optimal comfort and maximum convenience you deserve in the first place.

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