Can you produce my new single, EP or album?

Yes! Please check out our music production services. We offer 3 different services for remixes and bootlegs, sound design and remakes or full song production. Our song production service is our most fully-featured service and includes three 8-hour studio days over which we will produce, mix and master your song.

What do you charge for a album?

We generally charge flat fees per track. We realize though that each project is different and everyone will have varying needs and expectations. We will always discuss your project with you in as much detail as possible to totally understand your objectives, needs and desires!

I already produce music. Can you help me to finalize my Project?

Yes. We can edit your productions and mix and master them to a professional standard using our state-of-the-art software and hardware. We provide different mixing services depending on whether you need to mix stems, recordings or instrument tracks. We can also master your music using modern STEMs techniques or conventional stereo mastering.

What if I want to produce a song with vocals but can't find vocalists to record the songs?

We have the necessary industry links to hook your project up with internationally-acclaimed vocalists and performers. Please contact us and we will work with you to gather details on your project and its unique requirements.

Do you need an assistant or intern?

Currently I've got some great Co Producers . But if you've got some experience, enough time on your hands, highly motivated and if you're in it for the long term; definitely let me know.

I have other questions, can I contact you?

Please, drop us an email or message!

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